Parkland Oral History Project, Take One.

M.A. candidate Matt Holdzkom has written a short piece about his work on the Parkland Oral History Project.  It’s well worth reading.

Matt Holdzkom

For my Introduction to Oral History course this semester, we are working on the first phase of a project intended to shed some light on the experiences and memories of West End residents–particularly in regards to the events of May 1968 in the Parkland neighborhood.  Civil unrest was building, and on May 29, at the corner of 28th and Greenwood, a rally protesting the reinstatement of a white police officer who had needlessly beaten a black man, Mr. Manfred Reid, burst into a riot.

The first phase of the project is to record the memories of men and women who had grown up in the neighborhood, and who were there that day.  In order to assemble an accurate and balanced history of the day’s events for the historical record, we are conducting interviews with Parkland residents, most of whom have never been asked to contribute to the story of that…

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