Oral History Workshop

Saturday May 31 from 10 am-12 noon
Ekstrom Library room W210 on the University of Louisville Campus
Cost: $10 at the door (free for UofL students)

“Oral history is a field of study and a method of gathering, preserving and interpreting the voices and memories of people, communities, and participants in past events. Oral history is both the oldest type of historical inquiry, predating the written word, and one of the most modern, initiated with tape recorders in the 1940s and now using 21st-century digital technologies.” Oral History Association

Dr. Tracy K’Meyer, Professor of History and Co-Director of the Oral History Center at the University of Louisville, will lead an introductory workshop on the techniques of oral history interviewing. Topics covered will include: how to identify interviewees, set up an interview, organize topics, ask non-leading open ended questions, and encourage narrators to share their stories. The workshop will also cover legal and ethical concerns, equipment, and some of the uses for oral history.

Attendance is limited to 30 people. To register please RSVP to tracyk@louisville.edu.  Parking is available in the Speed Parking Garage.


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