A Terrific Discussion: Recapping “Public History Today.”

“Public History Today” proved a great success.  More than 50 people attended, which provided a good range of perspectives and great discussion during the question-and-answer session.  The evening began with U of L public history professors Lara Kelland and Daniel Vivian engaging in a far-reaching discussion with our featured guests, Craig Thompson Friend and John Dichtl.  Thereafter, we invited questions from the audience.  The remaining forty-five minutes passed quickly as Friend and Dichtl responded to inquiries about training, historical authority, the job market, and a host of other topics.  Attendees included staff from institutions such as the Filson Historical Society, Historic Locust Grove, the Louisville Slugger Museum, the Kentucky Historical Society, and the Carnegie Center for Art and History.  The reception immediately following the talk gave people a chance to talk among themselves and with our featured guests.  All told, the evening proved stimulating, edifying, and thoroughly enjoyable.  It was particularly good to see so many students in attendance.  Their presence is a sign of strong enthusiasm for public history at U of L and the opportunities that young scholars see in the field.

We want to extend special thanks to everyone who attended and the many people at the U of L who assisted with planning and preparations.  It’s inspiring to see so many people show their support.  Look for more events of this kind in the future.  They’re vital for keeping us on top of emerging trends and attuned to new opportunities.


Dr. Tracy K’Meyer welcomes guests and outlines the program for the evening. (Photo by Lindsey Ronay)


Daniel Vivian, Craig Friend, and Lara Kelland discussing current trends in public history. (Photo by Lindsey Ronay.)


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