History 621 Students Honored by City of Sadieville

Work on our Sadieville project continues. On April 16, several students traveled to Sadieville for a presentation to the city commission. Robert Goforth, Andrew Clark, Kim Kelley, and Nicole Cissell updated the commissioners on our work and outlined recommendations for future initiatives. The final version of our report is now available. Click here for the PDF file. We welcome comments. Please send your thoughts to pubhist@louisville.edu.

To our great surprise, Mayor Claude Christensen and the commissioners honored our class with an official resolution thanking us for our work. We are gratified by this honor, and very pleased to have been part of Sadieville’s renaissance. It’s exciting to see a community awaken to its heritage. A text of the resolution is available here. Needless to say, we are thrilled to receive this honor and hard at work on the final phase of the project.

After the commission meeting, we used our visit to check a few details that we missed during our fieldwork.  It was a beautiful day, and walking up and down the rolling hills of northern Scott County was a true pleasure.  Sadieville has tremendous potential.  A few photos from the day should drive this point home.  With a beautiful setting, a rich concentration of historic architecture, and important stories to tell, Sadieville is a true gem.  With continued effort, it should become a destination for visitors from far and wide.

— Daniel Vivian


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