Volunteer Opportunity with Metro Louisville Park System


Metro Louisville Parks is interested in having U of L students conduct historical research and prepare historical material for public audiences. Positions are unpaid, but may qualify for academic credit. For more information, please check out the post below.  If you’re interested, contact Mr. Brooks directly as described at the bottom of the page.

    — Professor Vivian



Location: Metro Parks Administrative Building (Joe Creason Park- across from the Zoo)

Time Commitment:

  • Someone that is committed to working at least 9 weeks with limited schedule conflicts.
  • Ability to work 10-20 hours a week with some time flexibility.
  • Primary work hours will be sometime Monday – Friday 8am- 5pm.

 Goal: Provide a great resume building experience for an individual that will provide lasting information about our Metro Parks to be published on our webpage

 Sample of Tasks/ Activities:

  • Creating a historic profile of all our parks and community centers
  • Researching historical information from various sources of media
  • Ability to correctly identify creditable historic sources that can be documented
  • Ability to work from home on certain assignments
  • Formatting website content
  • Data collection and other duties as assigned


  • Someone perusing a degree in a history field, or has a love for history
  • Good written communications skills
  • A love for our local park system is a big plus!
  • Ability to do various tasks with  Microsoft Office
  • Ability to provide a writing sample

  For more information, please contact:

 Andrew Brooks

Volunteer Coordinator

Louisville Metro Parks

Phone: 502.456.3256

Fax: 502.456.3247

Website: metro-parks.org

Follow us: facebook.com/Louisville.Metro.Parks


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